Saturday, 26 November 2011

Childhood Life to College Life

Kalam's Childhood Life to College Life

Kalam's father was a humble boat owner. He had seven siblings and a doting mother who made chapattis for kalam while others give rice for Kalam. His days were start at 4 am and end up with 11 pm. Autobiography of apjabdul kalam was very strange.

His father was not educated so he wanted Kalam to study. He get up at 4 am, take bathe, go for his mathematics class, after that he went to town to distribute the newspaper with his cousin samsuddin.

No electricity in Kalam's town so they use kerosene lamps at early morning and night. He was a bright student so the school teachers supported for his studies. This made kalam fearless.

After his school days he wanted to fly in aircrafts so he took Physics at college. In MIT he studied aeronautics and learns the value of time. He did many projects and he's treated each like his last. Such was his passion. He can take on any role with simplicity.